Day 1, Week 1, Month 1

April 30, 2017

My partner is wanting to try p90x again–he did it four or five years ago and loved it. He has set that goal. I’m being supportive and happy to cook/eat the same. It’s very on-trend, still, the food portion. Call it paleo. Wheat-free. Low-carb, etc. So while it’s a weird time to start this blog, in which we’ll be partaking in some of the recipes and diets, I don’t feel too weird/bad about it, considering it is how people are tending to eat now, or hope to eat, and it’s a good diet (for the most part, ¬†you’ll see my comments on it as we go).

These next few months this diet will be on our mind, however leave comments if you need tips for non-paleo type food. Some of the recipes I’ll share are taking these kind of set recipes and tweaking them for our budget, our lives and our taste buds (i read the recipe book and it was somewhat hilarious some of the suggestions, when there are many other ways to flavor food that’s lean and carb-free).

Today was shopping day–our list included:
5 red bell peppers (a lot, but i bought that many because they were on sale)
2 Avocados
2 Cucumbers
2 Zucchini
2 broccoli heads
1 box arugula greens
1 bag spinach leaves
1 bunch live basil
1 basil tube (fresh basil, jammed in a tube)
3 bags (3 each) romaine hearts
1 celery
Sugar snap peas – 1 bag
1 bunch asparagus (in season here)
1 bunch of scallions
3 HUGE hot-house tomatoes
3 whole garlics
3 large red onions
2 bunches bananas
1 quart fresh strawberries
1 mango
2 cups each from the bulk bins: roasted peanuts, raw almonds, cashews–salt free
freshly ground peanut butter and almond butter -12 oz each
soy sausage ( breakfast version)
turkey bacon
4 fillets of frozen halibut
2 fresh salmon steaks (alaskan king)
2 large containers of cottage cheese
package of mixed frozen berries
2 packages of frozen chicken breasts (all the meat in this diet is the part that’s going to be hard, i’m used to knowing EXACTLY where my meat comes from, but i can’t slaughter this many of our chickens for this diet, ha)
whole wheat english muffin – 1
bag of non-fat dry milk
Vanilla exctract
Tomato paste–4 small cans
sugar cubes
gallon of vinegar, white
Sparkling water, grapefruit flavored

Total: $144

More than i normally spend, but we had to stock up on meat, spend some on good quality seafood, and stocking up on some items i didn’t have. It’s also worth noting that the man in front of us had about the same amount of stuff in his cart, but it was full of processed food items. His bill was $252. I guarantee we’re eating healthier than him, and obviously cheaper.


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