I can easily walk into a grocery store, drop $30 for the week with random things (looking for sale items or deals), and have a great plate of food for two people, no problem–the entire week, including breakfast and lunches. I can open my fridge, scratch my head and make a meal. I rarely need to run back to the store for an item (only if it’s been a very specific pre-planned meal). I can substitute, portion wisely, re-invent leftovers, and try to throw out very little food that spoils.

I’m not bragging. Well, maybe a little. I’m sharing, because everyone can do this. And I want to help you get there.  I love food, and I realize that my love of food has given me certain freedom that others don’t have: freedom regarding time, freedom regarding money, freedom regarding creativity, freedom regarding health. I’m not the richest person, I’m strugglingly with money often–but food, is never a question. I don’t sit around with a lot of spare time, but cooking a good meal can always happen. Give me 10 minutes, seriously. I’m not the healthiest person (I’m over-weight), but i take no medications, my bp is good; overall AM healthy, besides getting a lecture on weight every time i see the doctor.

We, as a nation, are unhealthy–either over-fed or underfed, spend too little on food and/or too much on food (I truly think changing the tax and rate of our foods would solve a lot of these problems, but there’s too many lobbyists for that to occur). We waste food, we don’t appreciate food (or we do, but don’t have the time to truly think about it).

Let’s change this.

I’ll help.

This will become a weekly food diary (more if I have time, i feel comfortable setting weekly goals). I’ll share my shopping lists. My menus for the week, how i saved money, recipes, tips, and hopefully you can either follow along at some point, and/or learn from these examples.

Ideally, I don’t want anyone copying me, but getting ideas. Once you feel comfortable stepping in that store without a shopping list (yes–except the few items you NEED to remember, like toilet paper), and you can choose based on price and/or quality vs trying to stick to set menus, you’ll find those above freedoms, too. I promise.


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