Week 1; Turkey Bacon is Garbage

For those that aren’t familiar with p90x–it’s a low fat, low carb, high volume diet to support intense workouts.  My partner is going to follow the program as close as he can. I will help with the cooking and occasional gym visits. I don’t have time to exercise  90 plus minutes a day and/or it honestly doesn’t interest me. Each their own, eh? But very happy to tackle this diet as it is pretty healthy and a challenge.

What we’ve eaten so far – (recipes to follow in another post)

Day 1
Breakfast: Mushroom Omelette, 8 oz cottage cheese, 1 cup sliced strawberries
Lunch: Chicken stir-fy
Dinner: King Salmon Steaks, Roasted Asparagus, 1 cup brown Rice, 1 cup Roasted Bell Pepper soup

Day 2
Breakfast: 3 strips Turkey Bacon, Cheese Egg Scramble
Lunch: Chef Salad
Dinner: Roasted Chicken Breasts with Mango Salsa, Broccoli, steamed, 1 cup brown rice

Day 3
Breakfast: Soy Sausage Muffin
Lunch: Chef Salad
Dinner: Halibut steaks in basil pesto, 1 cup Brown Rice, Sautéed Squash

Day 4
Breakfast: Protein Shake
Lunch: ??? ( I took soup, I have no idea what Ian ate this day)
Dinner: Lamb Chop and Arugula Salad

Day 5
Breakfast: Spinach Egg Scramble, 1 1/2 whole wheat english muffin
Lunch: (see above)
Dinner: Turkey Bacon and chicken BLT

Day 6
Breakfast: Protein Shake
Lunch: Greek food (we went out and broke the mold–i had a salad with chicken skewers, Ian had a gyro)
Dinner: Roasted Pepper Soup, Broccoli, Chicken Breast


Their omelette and scramble recipes call for 6 egg whites. Fuck that.

There are legit reasons for avoiding egg yolks–I get that. However, the medical science can never add up on egg yolks. Yolks contain fat, yes, but they also contain the majority of the nutrients in the egg–not the whites. We also raise our own chickens, Mother Earth News (yeah, yeah, Hippie-Dippie) wrote a good article about free-range eggs vs caged eggs. Here are the results of their study. Less fat, less cholesterol, more vitamins/minerals. But even if you don’t have access to free range chickens, eggs are still really good for you. The whole egg. It’s things like this that make me eye roll at diets of this sort. Especially when trying to be conscience of food waste, health, and lifestyle. A half carton of eggs, but whites only? Let’s not be decadent, here (true use of the word).

And the same argument could be made for regular bacon. Yes, it’s loaded in fat, but it has more protein than turkey bacon–and turkey bacon is ground up, re-formed turkey strips with added fat. It’s the ultimate processed food. And it’s super salty, dry and gross.

So–for us, we’re using whole eggs and we’ll use up the turkey bacon we purchased, but after that, should we stay on a bacon trend, we’re getting regular bacon. The key to some of these things is have 2-3 strips, not 5-10. Have a couple of eggs, not 10. Moderation.


We’ve used half of what we’ve purchased so far. So there will be no-updated shopping list this week, unless we run out of staples. I’ll make note if we purchase something. Good news as the $140/week seemed steep to me–more like $70/week.


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