Recipes – Week 1 – Breaky


Deli Meat Scramble with dreaded Turkey Bacon

Mushroom Omelette (modified P90x recipe) – we used whole eggs, instead of 6 egg whites

Serves 1
3 eggs
1/4 portobello mushroom, sliced (or 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms of your choice)
Flavored Salt
1 TBS greek, plain yogurt
herb of your choice–we used basil (in a tube)
1 scallion, chopped/minced
olive oil
1/2 garlic clove, minced

In a non-stick pan, coat with olive oil toss in garlic and mushrooms. cook until tender. Toss in herbs to coat. Remove from pan. Wipe pan if needed, or add a touch more olive oil.

Crack and whisk eggs in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

Use low heat. When pan is warm, add eggs. Great french omelet directions here (don’t use the butter to follow this diet, or do to add taste!). Or, as eggs cook from from sides, pull to center and tilt pan to cover egg in empty spot. Learning how to cook an omelet makes a world of difference in texture and taste. Doesn’t have to be french style, but learning not to burn or brown eggs, and/or leaving them a tad runny (but still cooked), is what makes an omelet so great–and so better than the dry, flat things you get at most restaurants.

once your omelet is ready to fold, re-introduce mushrooms, yogurt, the chopped scallions and fold. Enjoy.

PB & J Protein Shake – modified p90x suggestion

Protein shakes are great breakfasts as they’re quick, easy, filling and full of good nutrients. Just be aware of the protein powder you’re purchasing (there’s a lot bad mojo out there and cut materials).
Serves 2

1 banana
1/2 cup frozen berries of your choice (or any fruit–we used blueberry/blackberry/strawberry mixture)
1/3 cup dry nonfat milk powder
1 cup water
2 TBS peanut butter, non-sugar, non-palm oil
2 scoops protein powder (we use this – we like it because it’s not full of stuff and there’s not flavor, don’t enjoy the processed flavorings in most protein powders)
1 scoop flax seed
Dash cinnamon
dash vanilla extract

Blend until desired smoothness.

Soy Sausage Muffin – modified p90x

This was surprisingly good. Obviously, depending on the soy sausage you purchase the flavors would change. It’s a good way to start adding some soy in your diet if you currently are not a fan of tofu–but these types of things, although somewhat silly, are a great way to add protein and little fat. They’re also priced very well.

Serves 2
6 small soy breakfast sausage ‘links’ — or 2 patties
2 whole-wheat english muffins
2 slices american cheese (there’s a place for this–if you want to go non-fat, there are non-fat versions of american cheese)
dijon mustard

Heat sausage according to packaging directs. Toast english muffins. Place cheese on muffin, top with sausage. Spread a small amount of dijon mustard on top muffin and make a quick, delicious, healthy breakfast sandwich!

Egg Scrambles

The best breakfast are scrambled eggs. Fast, not as finicky as an omelet and you can use a variety of ingredients in your fridge. The p90x diet had a “cheese scramble’ a “chicken Scramble” a “Spinach Scramble” for the week. We gently took these directions. Each scramble included*

6 whole eggs, whisked (p90x version would be 12 egg whites)
Flavored salt

Things we added
Day 1 –Deli meat (we had some, so instead of making a chicken scramble, we made a deli meat scramble) with tomatoes, basil, avocado, and scallions
Day 2 – Spinach–we did add a bunch of spinach — 1 cup fresh, threw it in the pan to cook down with a bit of garlic and some ginger, then threw in the eggs. Topped tomatoes and bell pepper
Day 3 – Cheese–used two slices of American cheese and basil

Sky’s the limit, especially if you want to use vegetables you already have cut into.

*This recipe is for two people–3 eggs/6 egg whites for one person




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